• Image of "Mom Approved" Spafford Fall Tour VIP Artist Edition

"Mom Approved"
3 Color Letterpress Print.
Archival Oil Based Inks.
French Oatmeal Speckletone Paper.
12.5" by 18.5".
Artist Edition of 25, Signed and Numbered.

This is my first wholly letterpress Spafford (or any other for that matter) print. I had photopolymer plates made for each color (3). For years I wanted to pay homage to Roy Lichtenstein and his use of halftones in the pop art movement. Using hundreds of dots does not lend itself well to hand carving however. We wanted to be able to make these on demand for VIP ticketholders, as that number is constantly going up (i'm keeping track and will update the final edition size when completed). So it was the perfect opportunity to employ the use of plates to give a nod to Roy and his iconic art.