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  • Image of "Drip A Silver"
  • Image of "Drip A Silver"

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"Drip A Silver"
3 Color Woodblock Print.
White, Metallic Silver, Black.
Archival Oil Based Inks. 
Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell Paper.
10" x 22"
Edition of 54 Signed and Numbered.

Quatrain XXVI :
Oh, come with old Khayyam, and leave the Wise to talk;
One thing is certain, that Life flies;
One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies;
The Flower that once has blown for ever dies.

This print is an adaptation of an illustration from The Illustrated Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the First edition which was translated by Edward Fitzgerald. Published in 1913, and illustrated by Edmund J Sullivan.

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